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Our Italian member "Luchs" (= Lynx lynx) wrote:

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Posted - 07/14/2006 : 4:38:35 PM

same thing happened in italy after 1975 when passed a law that froze all the machinegun collector licenses.. after 1975 no new license was relased and non weapons cannot transfered to a licensed holder to another..
if you have machinegun you can only give to get detroyed or try to sell out of italy ...

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Hmm. So what about bartering them to Germany, in exchange for Carcanos? *rubs hands*
Since 1st April 2003, we can legally own pre-September-1945 submachineguns and automatic rifles, and pre-1939 machineguns, plus any water-cooled machineguns. These are "prohibited weapons" under § 40 WaffG, but established collectors with already notable collections can get a (rare) special exception permit from the Bundeskriminalamt.

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