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13 Oct. 2007


Scanning auctions and dealers worldwide, I run across at least half a dozen MLM mk. IIs per year, I'd say, so they are out there. I would classifiy them as nothing more exotic than "somewhat scarce." Luckily, there are a fair number in Canada, which is where you are, right? Keep checking in with the usual suspects, dealerwise: John Denner, Collectors' Source, Joe Salter, etc.

You can get them for as little as about $750 US if you look long and hard enough though, if you're not careful, you may well end up paying two or two-and-a-half times that amount. I got mine from Collectors' Source about three years ago, and I think I paid about $775 US for it. I am very pleased with it.

The most expensive mk. II I have ever seen was $3,250 US from a dealer, though that was for a near-mint Lee-Speed volunteer version, a real beauty.

Good luck,

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