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Lee-Enfields to the rescue!

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Those of you watching the news will no doubt have seen the chaos that is Bombay at the moment, with all the explosions and running gun battles and hostage crises and what have you.

And, sure enough, our old friend the Lee-Enfield (in this case, the No. 4 Mk I, from the looks of it) is there in the hands of the Bombay Police as they deal with the situation. 120 years and still going strong... and people wonder why we're all so fond of the Lee-Enfield?

Here's hoping the situation in Bombay gets sorted out without any further loss of life, damage, or further unpleasantness...
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You are probably right about the 7.62 ammo on clips, but it is still a strange choice for ammo supply. As I understand one needs a special adopter to load a FAL magazine with stripper clips. I don't think this guy has the adopter and plus, how is he going to reload in combat? He has no spare magazines. He would have to take out the magazine from the rifle, put an adopter on, charge with stripper clips, and the re-insert into the rifle. Doesn't sound like a thing I'd like to do in the middle of a firefight.
I never saw the mag adapter being used in all my years of British Army service - ammo came in bandoleer or box (the most common), and you just hand load the mags. Its actually very quick - it was common training drill to do this as a race - which is why UK didn't bother to adopt the charger bridge in the top cover.

Looking at the photos of the Indian Police, you can see why their surplus Enfields have no blacking left around the muzzle....
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