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Bought a matching Lebel 1886 M93. Nice rifle. Disassembled for cleaning purposes and discovered the barrel had been cut underneath the rear band. Based on the amount of debris and condition of the barrel, this was done a very long time ago.
Now I have a nice parts gun for anyone needing anything other than a barrel, like wood, it's real nice.
Was there a history or a reason for this?
WOW! Good thing U didn't fire it, you'd have been removing wood splinters for a while. I was looking at a Mannlicher M-95 one day at a shop I knew well. It had a funny little circle on the top of the receiver ring over the chamber. Closer examination showed someone had drilled a small hole, about 1/8 inch diameter,down into the chamber and then filled it with RTV black sealer! The shop owner was pissed, but not at me. Because of its rare crest I tried to buy it as a parts gun, but the owner didn't want any part of it.
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