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According to my records, your rifle is from the first batch, made in 1892.

I just had mine out today with it's "sisters", 1909 Argentine and 1909 Peruvian. All three shoot very well with Hornady 174grs bullets and Varget powder.
One good thing is, that you can make brass from 30-06 brass (plentiful) very easily.
They are a blast to shoot.

Don't worry about the mismatch parts and the stock condition too much (as long as the headspace is OK), I am sure it is a great shooter, and it has a very nice crest which is seldom seen on 1891s.
I think the price you paid is fair for NZ standards, here in Canada you pay for a very good to excellent specimen between $600-750.
Most milsurp rifles are much cheaper in the States.
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