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Does the tsuba on the first sword have a 20 stamen 'plum' blossom instead of the usual 5 stamen 'cherry' blossom?
If it does, it could be like one i came across a while back, the info i got from another forum on it was:
The one stamp looks like 應 the verb ataru, one meaning 'to accept'. I don't know by whom this sword was accepted or OK'd. It does look like Chinese manufacture. 應 in Chinese is not used in the sense of acceptance though.In Chinese it is used as in this sentence " 我們應該去。" (Cantonese) "Ngo ying gai hueh. " " We should go. " Where 應 means 'should'. John
With that type of tsuba it may be of Manchurian construction during the war from what i believe.
I hope someone else can add to this as i would like to know more aswell

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