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2 March 1926: Department of the Navy establishes the Aviation Ordinanceman rating. The first 2 AOs were a Gunner's Mate and an archaic rate called Turret Captain.

2 March 1915: The US Congress combines the Naval Militias of 17 States into a federal Reserve Component, the United States Naval Reserve. Today, nearly 60,000 Sailors continue to serve in the Reserve Component and around 4,000 of them are on active duty somewhere in the world. These 4000 Sailors provide key operational support in almost every area of Naval endeavor, from construction to riverine warfare to customs to manned and unmanned deployed aviation assets. Since 9/11, the Component has transitioned from a strategic Force where "weekend warriors" spent their careers at Reserve Centers to a true Force In Readiness, supplementing the Active Component with important skills and experience.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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