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Late 7th Series

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I've always thought this was a cool example. It could be in a little better condition as the metal has some surface rust going on. Still, it's a neat piece that shows the changes leading to the "last ditch" rifles. Still has the short rear sight & front sight guards but has the large recoil lug, and the wood butt plate. Also, it's not drilled for a cleaning rod.
I can just imagine Vic wanting to take an impact screwdriver to it's mythically staked screws just to make sure it's safe to shoot!
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Apparently by 95750 the 7th was in full Substitute mode. Mine has the fixed rear sight, "G" type, short handguard, pinned front band, large diameter crossbolt and cast cylindrical bolt handle. The stock does not have a seperate forestock but the finger grooves have been deleted. It also has a sewn on late canvas sling with a tape wrapping around the sewn part. One of the receiver screws is still staked, fortunately, so it has not been apart. Seems that lot of changes took place in the 7th series.

Is there any evidence of what Arsenal started producing the Substitute T-99 first? Ronin and 03's book says it is believed that Kokura may have developed it, but did Nagoya start the production? With the numbers made there it seems as though maybe they could have.


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Vic, my rifle has the "B" receiver without the Type 99 characters.
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