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Time to offer a couple more spares and duplicates for sale, to raise some much needed cash.

S-11 nagoya , ALL matching #36888 ,Nice looking gun, likely sanded and coated stock (I saying it is so no complaints later) single screw rear swivel ,,stock with the seperate forearm no provision for rod, ground mum & mum area may have been touched up.......$165

S-11 nagoya 31699 ,all matching, probably sanded stock, SSRS,stock with seperate fore arm , no provision for rod ground......$165

S-35 Tk late war , mismatched,nice looking ground, average or better stock good solid rifle.....$165

First 2 pics are the nag 11's ,the last 2 are the TK 35

First "Ill take it" gets it, prices are shipped,email me with any questions, or thoughts..Im open to counter offers and interesting trades, seeking a decent 7/8 trainer,and converted arisaka's; 6.5x257,30-06,308 etc, complete or sporter.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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