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Last ditch sling question


Topic author: kampfy
Subject: Last ditch sling question
Posted on: 05/05/2005 11:32:59 AM
What kind of sling would be used on a last ditch Arisaka? Would it be possible to find one or is my rifle doomed to go slingless?

Thanks in advance


Reply author: Francis C. Allan
Replied on: 05/05/2005 5:15:19 PM
I have seen virtually any kind of sling material on last ditch, pardon me - Substitute Type 99 - rifles. Usually these are very crude cloth, rope and even woven string. Another collector here in FL and I have last ditch rifles with slings that we each thought were phoney, but could not quite bring ourselves to discard. They look like Boy Scout webbing straps with very thin metal buckle-like piece to adjust the length but the front is very crudely sewed on permanently. The slings are virtually identicle.

Somewhere I have a photo of of Russian troops accepting the surrender of Japanese troops who are laying down their last ditch rifles in a pile at the feet of an officer. None have slings. Maybe most never had them?

My 2 cents anyway.


Reply author: BIG ED
Replied on: 05/05/2005 8:55:02 PM
My thought on slings is this. Perhaps the japanese soldiers took thier rifle slings off to use for another purpose before surrender. I have 2 '99s that came with US 1907 partial slings. One has a WWII US steel hardware sling.The other has a partial WWI sling with brass hardware.Maybe these were put on by a US service man or a scavaging japanese infantry man.Anybody else have japanese long arms with US slings?

Reply author: bayoned
Replied on: 05/07/2005 12:17:01 AM
My father brought home a T97 sniper(still in my collection) with a WWII kahki colored flat buckle M1 sling mounted on it.
He traded for this rifle one week after the Japanese surrender.

He traded cigarettes for it with a Philipino guerrilla.
The sling was on the rifle at the time of trade.

Reply author: Francis C. Allan
Replied on: 05/08/2005 5:01:48 PM
One IJA division stationed in the PI was equipped entirely with U.S. weapons captured/surrendered by our and Phillipine forces. The division's standard rifle was the 1917 Enfield, MG was the Browning 1909 water-cooled, etc. The IJA units there also used some U.S. trucks, half-tracks and even M-3 light tanks.

Undoubtedly some of our personnel and the Phillipinos sabotaged their weapons before they were surrendered and others were damaged in combat. No surprise that if the Substitute Type 99s arrived without slings in the PI that the Japanese used the "parts" from our weapons that were available due to the overall weapons not being servicable.

The Phillipino guerillas were dismissive of Japanese weapon quality and may have quickly replaced Japanese slings with U.S. slings if they could be had.

Interesting discussion.


Reply author: arisakadogs
Replied on: 05/08/2005 6:01:35 PM
As a teenager in the '60s, I remember seeing a U.S. Johnson Rifle in the shop where I bought some of my first Japanese rifles. It had a Japanese sling (marked with Kanji) on it & was supposed to have come from the P.I.

Reply author: pacific-war44
Replied on: 05/11/2005 03:26:51 AM
I got a 10th series sub-standard(heh) that had a thin course woven greenish tinted sling on it.The buckle was a 2 piece slider of thin wire construction(rusty) and a leather tab sewn on the rear band attachment.Has a steel button holding thru the tab.Also has I O (kanji#7) in white paint on one matches an identical one on the Military sling site.If it didn't it was comeing off as a VC or Chinese sling!The gun is matching and mumed and came out of a 50+year old collection.There is rust stains from the swivels on the webbing,so I say real.Incidentally,a while later I found a complete Japanese Navy marked multi-meter,in a leather case,and the SAME strap on the case's hinges in an antique store.The price was $150,and I may buy it(if still there) just for the sling.Or maybe that's what MY sling came off of,hmmmmm... Scott

Reply author: GUN HO
Replied on: 05/13/2005 7:52:09 PM
I have a type 99 with a m1 carbine sling, been on there a long time blood stained.

Reply author: RayG_Wisconsin
Replied on: 05/16/2005 08:17:20 AM
I have a mummed 38 with capture papers dated 1944 that has a worn and dirty M1 carbine sling on it. The GI probably put it on to carry it around for a while until he was able to bring it back. I would assume the rifle may not have had a sling on it originaly so the GI had to put one on it to carry it, but who knows. I saw one other bring back Japanese rifle with a M1 carbine sling on it. It possible the jungle took it's toll on the leather of the original slings which might account for the number of japanese rifles without slings, Ray

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