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My British expat friend of the family came across one of these at a gun show and was curious about it. Kutmaster didn't manufacture M1 bayonets, though its parent company, Utica Cutlery, sure did.

My own theory is that these were made in the postwar period from leftover M1 blades.

Blade Dagger Knife Sword Bowie knife

Overall view of the knife, its far more substantial than the M1 bayonets cut down into 5" combat knives during the Korean War. Note the M1 grips and lack of a latch.

Auto part

Only marking on the piece

Tire Wheel Auto part Rim Metal

So not only was the muzzle ring removed, but the slot for the button was filled in as well. I didn't look too hard at the back to see if it was filled in as well, sorry.
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