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Krag-Jørgensen M/1928 Target Rifle Receiver
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Printed on: 09/11/2007
Topic author: kriggevaer
Subject: Krag-Jørgensen M/1928 Target Rifle Receiver
Posted on: 02/23/2006 10:16:01 PM

This just came in the mail yesterday and I am about as excited as a firearms collector can be. I decided to post it here instead of the military forum because these receivers were mainly intended for civilian target rifles. For me anyway, this receiver represents the "Crown Jewel" of Danish K-J rifles and and in the USA are extremely rare.

As can be seen in the photos, this is a single shot M/1928 K-J made in 1929 at the Danish government arsenal Hærens Rustkammer. It has the number 39 stamped on the end of the tang. This is a new unused receiver, as is the bolt. The bolt numbers are mismatched, the bolt body and cocking piece. There is so little information about these receivers and the rifles that were built on them, that it is difficult to make generalities about their production and use. The information I have been able to gather indicates that they were built up into complete target rifles mostly by Schultz & Larsen, but there are hints that other Danish gunsmiths built target rifles on them too. Current info also indicates they were mainly barreled/chambered in 8x58R, 6.5x58R, and 6.5x55 cartridges. The inside of the bolt face on this one measures .590 inches, so at least the bolt was intended for the rimmed cartridges.

This is a massive receiver and I have no doubt that it was a good platform for a heavy target barrel in a well bedded target stock. On the left side of the receiver are the drilled and tapped mounting holes for a diopter sight. The holes are not parallel to the long axis of the receiver and makes me wonder if perhaps they were mis-drilled. But, any number of diopters were available in the early 1930's so it may well be correct. The oldest Schultz & Larsen diopter I have is from 1952 and all of the early Swedish diopters I have mount on the right side of the receiver. From the spacing of the holes it appears to be intended for a large sized diopter. I haven't had time to compare the trigger to my military K-J rifles to see if it is just a military trigger or if there have been modifications. It looks like I am going to have to go to Denmark to hunt the rest of the parts to make it a complete rifle!

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Reply author: vigillinus
Replied on: 03/03/2006 9:32:52 PM

Over the last decade I have seen perhaps three of these target rifles at gun shows, all were 6.5x55. They had long fluted barrels, windguage front sights, and tangent ramp open barrel sights. The stocks were dogleg and extremely poorly shaped, in my opinion, for any purpose including offhand target shooting.
Reply author: Alkali
Replied on: 03/06/2006 5:15:27 PM

Thanks for posting photos and information on this action. I consider myself well read but had never run across any mention of these at all. Good luck in your quest.
Reply author: snowhunter
Replied on: 03/09/2006 09:46:48 AM

kriggevaer, what a facinating find. Best of luck for finding the parts you will need, in order complete this project !

My "89ser" has a Lyman # 57 rear sight.
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