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Hello All,

First Post.

Ever since watching the news coverage of the 1982 invasion of Lebanon, I have wanted to model a guntruck (errr, 'technical' I guess it is now) that I saw being used by PLO guerillas in Beirut as they played what amounted to a game of whackamole with the IDFAF flying constantly overhead.

This truck, an ordinary Toyota or Datsun pickup, had a heavy machine gun on the back, single barrel, that was bigger than any .50 cal I've ever seen. I have since come to identify it as a Russian or Chinese-derived KPV 14.5mm.

Getting the kits together for my project had to wait until the Eastern Block decided to open up a little but what I need to know now is what exactly the differences are between a 14.5mm 'ZPU-1', a 14.5mm 'ZGU-1' and a 14.5mm 'Type 75-1 Ziqroiat'.

My memories are of a powered mount similar to the one shown in the second photo down, here-

But without the carriage wheels of the 'ZPU-1' shown (vaguely) here-

Is the towed configuration all that marks them apart? The barrel length and sights plus general sit also look different to me and making the right choice the first time is important because the ZPU-1 kit is white metal and thus hard to modify as well as expensive.

Any help appreciated- CJ
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