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hmm, 1930's - most likely these were anti collectivization elements that often would form small bands back then. Turkestan bands were more or less organized force and were always referred to as basmachi, i've seen several awards including engraved shashkas, pistols, and time pieces that will mention - "for participation in elimination of basmachi" or "for the fighting against basmachi", etc.
For the fight against criminal bands - awards would usually say - " for the fight with (or against) banditism"
But then of course there are really no rules on that and the actual text - is the decision of local authority.

BTW, commander of the communist detachment in this case has nothing to do with the regular army. These paramilitary formations were something of a militia forces like ChON and were directed initially by Central Party Committee and specifically by VChK, then by GPU, OGPU, and lately NKVD.


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