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Fixer T-99 (also listed on the main trader)

This is a Kokura, 24th series, ser 534xx
It has no wings, no provision for wings. Bolt body and matching extractor only. Mismatched to receiver. The stock is duffel cut and missing the front piece and the hand guard. The stock has been lightly sanded but not very aggressively, just enough to remove and stamps and marks. There is side swivel on the stock. I bought a replacement buttplate for this rifle that has some US soldier graffiti on it (name and capture year: 1943 gil) but a new hole will need to be drilled in the back of the stock to be able to screw the buttplate on. No barrel bands or any hardware from the rear sight forward. The front sight ears slightly bent inward but shouldn't be too hard to bend back.
The chrome bore itself is, as near as I can tell, perfect. The mum is ground. Missing middle trigger guard screw. The rifle includes complete mag follower, spring, etc. Quite decent original metal finish, probably ~80%. Some rust that should come off fine with a little elbow grease. Some old pitting under the wood at the back end of the receiver. Nice rifle for restoration or for parts.

$100 FTF in Cincinnati or $120 shipped.

Sorry for bad flash photos.
More photos can be found here:
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