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knife question

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while ago iwas in a old house and found a knife nothing special but it kinda looks like a navy fighting knife any ideas
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It looks like a Cattaraugus 225Q knife that was issued in WWII. Some refer to it as a Commando or the QuartermasterKnife but it was more then likely issued to Supply types who used the knife to pry open wooden crates and then reseal them.

The grooves in the stacked leather handle is deliberate; and not some wierd wear pattern. They are a fairly common WWII knife; one in the condition like mine is worth around $125 or so...
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iam gonna say your right look sjust like it minu sthe rust but it is unmarked not even a makers stamp
Except for the fact the 225Q had a 6" blade, it was generally similar to the slightly shorter USM Mk 1 knives. It certainly could be used as a fighting knife, but like the Mk 1's was more likely used as a general utility belt knife.
ok makes sense it was in a old tool box with screw drivers and what not
The 225Q was never an "official" issue knife.
To meet the need for knives, virtually every commercial hunting knife made was sold to servicemen through PX's. Most of these were not "official" issue items and had no USGI Mark or Model number.
They were simply commercial knives that were suitable for use and were sold to GI's.
The "Commando" name was just some war-time good advertising by the company.

The 225Q was a very tough hunting knife made before the war and well after it.
ok thanks guys
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