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Kind of a mini tok

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While not a true military pistol,can not help but see this all steel Serbian's heritage. Bought this Zastava M88,9mm pistol because of it's looks. Less than2/3 the size of a Tok,fits nicely in my pocket. The safety blocks the hammer and locks the firingpin, so safe to carry with one in the chamber. Not a bad buy for $200 in the box.

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Very similar... but the Crvena Zastava Mod.70 in .32ACP is truely a mini-Tok, right down to the removable fire control group!
I've been debating buying one of these versus another Yugo M-57. I just got the $$ yesterday, and it is already burning a hole in my pocket.
Was that $200 a local deal or on-line, if you don't mind my asking? When you get around to shooting it, could you let us know how it works out?
Had an M88A for almost 2 yrs. Accurate..will digest any 9mm you try. Slim, easy to carry. Awesome price!!Get extra mags.
Paddywonka: Nice piece. I handled one of these recently and found it quite nice. Hope to get one sooner than later. I notice that the mag in your pistol does not have the finger extension. Did you grind it off or did it come like that? Looks better w/out the extension.
Thanks, Yes,I did grind the bottom off of one magazine. Did not really need the extra extension.Someone with very big hands might find it an aid,but grinding it off left it smaller in overall size,and lighter. This pistol is all steel, including the solid magazine finger extension! The deal was online at Gunbroker. Low shipping, with extra magazine. My FFL(which I found with Gunbroker) only charges $20 a transfer. Found a source of low priced factory mags, Bass and Bucks for $17.99 each,bought 2 spares.
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THAT is very nice !
Thank you for the photos and the info on this pistol. I've been waiting to hear more about them since I read about their coming availability about a year ago. Nifty! Sounds like you got into this at a great value.
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Here's my Mini Tok, the "other" CZ-70 Zastava .32.

I also bought a Zastava M88 a few years back when they first came out, I have a very low numbered one, it's like 000042 or some such. It's one of my favorite guns, a great value I think I had to give $300 for mine, maybe because they were new on the market but I have seen them for less. I would buy another one to keep as a "spare" if I saw one for $200 or so. Mine shoots great, I haven't gotten to shoot mine in a while but it's was FAR more accurate than I thought it would be. They are supposed to be offered in .40 but I have yet to see one. I am usually wary of pistols that are basically a 9mm with a .40 barrel dropped in, but given that it's built on a Tok frame I think it would more than handle the .40 round.

I am also no fan of the finger rest mags, I prefer the more "military" look of a flat metal baseplate on the mags.

If you could help me out, do you know exactly how to get that mag well filler block out of there? The reason I ask is these will accept standard Tokarev mags if the block is taken out. I also use a Chinese Tok as my 7.62x25 "shooter" piece and I have about 6 mags for it, and would like to be able to use the Tok mags in my M88. I use the M88 primarily as just a 9mm plinker. I don't think feeding problems would occur because I had a 9mm barrel in my Chinese Tok for a while and the shorter 9mm rounds had no problems feeding in that.
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Hello Paddywonka. I recently saw one of these at a show. It looked like it was made well and was definately inexpensive. A little over $200! I didn't grab it because I wasn't sure about the mags. Will the M88 take standard Tok mags? Also. Do these have a drop hammer safety? Just wondering. Thanks for sharing.
They do not take the standard Tok mags, but Bass and Buck sells them online for $17.99 each.It does not have the drop hammer safety, but does lock the firing pin from moving, like a Colt 80 series pistol. The firing system does remove as a unit like the early Toks.
If you can get the mag filler block out of the grip frame it will take standard Tok mags.

I am thinking of picking up another M88 and leaving it "stock" and taking the one I have now and using it with Tok mags, once I can figure out how to get the filler block out of it.

For safety purposes if you are not the only person who uses your guns, I would leave the filler block in, to avoid someone else mistakingly inserting a mag full of 7.62x25 into the M88. I do not know if these rounds could chamber and inadvertently be touched off in a 9mm chamber but I wouldn't want to risk it.
Learn something new every day. Never noticed the filler block in the frame before. Have you ever used the full size Tok mags with 9 mm rounds in the M88, do they function OK?
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