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'"...we must recognise that allowing disadvantage, social exclusion, and gross inequality to permeate our society is what can lead us down the US path..." true words have never been spoken. Thankyou Samara.'

Not to start a US-AS argument, but what do Aussie anti-gunners define as the "US path"?
They mean a society where there is a greater disparity between the have and have-nots,and a very large under-class,which the USA is seen as having.Aussie PM John Howard has said himself that he does not want to see Australia take the US path regards gun 'culture' which he sees as evil.Of course he seems to hate all and any firearms ownership.I believe there should be some modest regulation of firearms,such as background checks and storing them safely,but the Aussies have gone way to far with their policies I think,they have banned many firearms they should not have.And our laws in NZ could be better to I feel,some of the regulations we have are silly and unnecessary and not really related to common sense either.
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