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For Kerr Slings:
-For the M1917, the Kerr sling long piece should be 54 inches long, the short piece at 16 inches.
-For the M1903, the long length is 48 inches and the short length around 14-1/2 inches.
-For the Thompson, the long piece is 40 inches long.

I'd remeasure them and make sure they are laid out flat to get an accurate measurement. The Thompson slings could be stretched but it sounds like you have a M1917 sling (#4) and one Thompson sling (#3) for sure. The other four could be either Thompson slings or M1903 slings. If they are closer to 48 inches, I would guess they are M1903s but again, you need to remeasure them with the creases and folds removed and laid out flat to make sure.

Others will probably know better than me but from what I have seen (just from when they pop up at auction, etc.)
-For the M1917 depending on condition, the value is $75-125. Looking at the one picture of yours (the khaki colored one I think) that probably a fair range.
-For the M1903, its probably $60-75. Some people may de-value the post WW2 markings like the MRT stamped one.
-For the Thompson, I don't really know.
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