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K98 "dou 45" Mod.98 marking on top of reciever

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I was going over some rifles and noticed this one. The milled magazine housing and stamped front band have matching numbers without prefix, milled rear band and floorplate do not. The somewhat worn light grey finish matches on all parts. It has a late laminated stock. I am assuming that it is postwar rebuilt/capture or extremely early postwar built. I cannot see any Nazi markings or any signs of them being removed. What do I have?
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IDF dou45

This is an IDF dou45 with the 'mod98' across the top and the Czech lion on the LHS. What was the production period for this style of marking?

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no takers?
From your photos the dou45 you pictured was post war produced by the Czechs and sold to Israel. I can just make out the Lion proof on the left side of the receiver. Many dou45 marked guns were leftover receivers used postwar to produce rifles for commercial purposes.
Thanks for the reply. Yes, I got that far with markings. I'm wondering if the style of markings can place it to a particular period in 1945. Late? Mid-year?
Thanks for the link. The original serial was scrubbed, by the Israelis, so no joy there.
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