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K98 bayonet with double stamped scabbard

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Hi there,
Last Saturday I picked up this bayonet and didn't really pay attention to the scabbard outside of the scabbard matching the bayonet.
When I got home and took it out of the frog I noticed that scabbard is stamped twice.
I have never seen this before. Is this common?
Also the frog has various markings on it.

Can someone please comment on this bayonet and/or frog?

Thank you.


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Never seen a double stamp like that.
The markings on the frog are for the Polizei districkt or headquarters at - can't read all of the bottom word - E--------feld.
If the frog is not dated 43 like the bayonet 43, it is unlikely they belong togather.
Good find!It is a very interesting one and the frog is very beautiful,the frog is belong to the police force.
Great piece, probably done 2 times stamp by producer stamp adding, already seen similar, but is certainly a great piece, the frog is marked probably Polizei Praesidium Elbenfeld, nice marking, is there other stamp higher on backside ?
Thanks for your replies.
I added more pictures

In the back of the frog it says

Pol Pras

To the bottom of that

To the top it
might have an eagle's wing
then something I can't make out
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Here's a cousin, s/n 2564gg.

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I. district and weapon nr 713, also it means a police units in the district.
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