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USMC Quantico Range 1
300 meters. Sunny, no winds.
GP 11 ammo, dated 82
Swiss K31, 1946 mfg. Has SP muzzle brake on it.
Shots fired off Lead Sled.
Scope with Swiss Products mount, Rings are Brownells.

One 3 shot group : 1 inch
One 3 shot group: 1.5 inches.

Moving to 600 yd test asap and I expect accuracy will continue to hold . Then on to 800 & 1000 yds which is the real test and challenge

Not really interested in firing 5 shot groups , 5 times to prove anything to anyone: I got what I needed for a 300m scope dope recorded and moving back to 600 and farther. My objective is to see if I can get to 1000 yds and have respectable accuracy. I am using GP11 on this test run.

I will follow up with load development of a 175 gr match bullet load and test that load across the course. Hopefully such a load will get me into the 10 ring on a sustained basis at 1000 yds on a F Class bullseye.

Long Pole in Tent: Will the scope have enough elevation to get me to 1000 yds? Time will tell and I may indeed have to replace it with a more powerful scope , put on higher rings and resume tests .
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