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A few questions...Are these cast slide/frame guns, or machined? What are the weak links in the gun, as in, anything I should keep a spare part for? I am expecting it friday, and going shooting saturday, so I'll report on how it does. Any of you shoot yours yet? Whats the bore like on them?
Is there anything UNsafe about them? The guy at the shop where I ordered it tryed to talk me out of it, saying they were crap. Tried to get me into a 400 dollar 9mm...I explained that I already have an beretta m9.....But are their weak points on the gun? I used to have a super B in 9 x 23, and it never jammed once or had any issues at all....Sold it because ammo was so hard to find.
I plan on shooting the same WWB 115 grain out of it....Is this safe? If they are well made, should I even worry about that load?
Sory about all of the questions, I have been following these for awhile...I appriciate any help.
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