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I haven't really posted much here just always been more of a lurker, but I thought it is worth a shot to at least try. So here goes.

Is there anyone in the area that you know of needing any help? Although I am technically an AutoCAD draftsman, I can do just about anything. For the last few years I have been doing Construction Estimation and before that I was the Information Technology guy for one of the local county utilities here. I've been the office manager for a local global business, a welder, a machinist, hell I've even delivered pizza. Just kind of always done what needed to be done to work and provide for the family and now that diversity makes me look like I just skip from job to job. I don't, but I want to find something stable so I can at least work. I'm willing to relocate, even for temporary work. If you know or if you hear of anything let me know I'm sitting here resume in hand. Or better yet why not post it, here it is:

Joseph Edward Wilson (Joe)
Address: 221 Parkview Dr. Ringgold, GA
PH: (423)883-9357 Email: [email protected]

Excellent knowledge of networking protocol
Office manager with 10 years experience in Drafting/Design
AAS and training in new software development for Computer Aided Design
Outstanding productivity both as a lead designer and as a supervisor
Unique combination of expertise in AutoCAD, training, sales, and fabrication
Dynamic leader and team builder, consistently motivating others toward success

2004-2008 Eastman Construction, Chattanooga, TN
Commercial and Residential Construction Estimator, AutoCAD Designer
I travel to job sites to gather information on construction jobs to form an estimate for the cost of the work to be performed. In addition to estimates I am also responsible for the maintenance of the company network, computers and plotters
Prepare construction estimates including drawings and bid proposals
Maintain and repair the company computers, network and plotters
Lead AutoCAD technician for the company

2002-2004 Walker County, GA
Inventory Control, GIS, IT Specialist, Vulnerability Assessment
I handled all aspects of inventory control from ordering to maintenance scheduling of equipment. In addition to inventory I was also tasked with setting up the GIS mapping system for the Authority as well as creating and managing the office network. Also, I was the project manager for the EPA required Vulnerability Assessment
Established a working inventory system to manage coming in and going out of the warehouse.
Compilation of existing maps for integration into GIS as well as gathering GPS data for integration.
Designed and created network for Authority office, built PC's for replacement of AS/400 dummy terminals
Created Vulnerability Assessment program for county.

1997-2002 Excalibur Steel Structures, Chattanooga, TN
Office Manager/Lead Designer/AutoCAD Technician
I managed small business office with 5-6 employees, with over $1 million in annual sales, plus responsibility for liaison between design force and fabrication shop.
Developed new designs for the steel framed home industry.
Revised existing designs as well as company standards to take advantage of new software developments.
Classroom trained ARXX installer.

2001-2002 CADWurx, Ringgold, GA
Owner/Business Manager
I owned and maintained my own drafting and design business with as many as six employees.
Handled all payroll and tax paperwork.
Dealt directly with the clients to find their needs and then provide the design team to accomplish their goals.

1993-1997 ADC Telecommunications, Chickamauga, GA
Lead designer/Drafter/Prototyper
Headed the R&D department to develop and design new rack mounted telecommunications equipment, then hand built prototypes to be tested.
I would take design from concept to completion, including evaluating seismic test to failure reports.
All facets of design were to ISO 9001 specifications.
I received ISO 9001 certification as an inspector for the telecommunications industry.

1991-1993 Mesa Associates, Chattanooga, TN
CAD & Board Drafter
Did drawings to develop transmission line access and right-of-way, handled getting drawings from TVA and Alabama Power.
Worked closely with the railroad to establish transmission line crossing right-of-ways.
Made changes and corrections to existing TVA documents as well as creating new documents.

1985-1989 United States Army
Infantry Squad Leader
Attended Airborne School, Air Assault School, Expert Infantry Badge, and Emergency Medical Technician
Was NCOIC of a weapons squad at Ft. Campbell, KY 101st Airborne Div, 3rd BN, 187th INF
Worked as a communications specialist while on duty in Korea, 2nd INF Div, 1st BN, 17th INF mechanized

Dalton College, Dalton, GA
Associate of Applied Science Drafting and Design, 1992

Maybe one of you know of someone that I don't, like I said I'm even willing to at least displace even if only temporarily.


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Joe, I work in Human Resources (for 33 years) and see a lot of resumes.

Let me give you some encouragement. Your resume does not peg you as a job hopper. Employers understand the new environment and the short term nature of some jobs. As I look at your work history, it appears you've stayed two-plus years at most places. Assuming you have a good reason for changing jobs, this should not be an issue. Some hints for a phone screen or interview:

1) Have a good short summary for your career, and have a very short explanation for each job change, e.g. career move, layoff, reorganization, contract ended, etc.

2) Develop a 30-60 second story of what you have to offer, including your skills, work ethic, your personal goals, etc. Polish up the second paragraph in your post and you have a winner.

3) Be consistent, but it's OK to customize your pitch to the job at hand, emphasize your skills that are relevant, and use your versitility as an extra bonus.

Also remember, only the layoffs make the Obama news; there are thousands of folks getting hired every day.

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Sorry to hear of this, I know of at least one other forum member who lost his job as well that I don't recall him mentioning. Rough times, more important than ever that we look out for each other and help with jobs if we can. Industry will hopefully pick up around Chattanooga with Volkswagen coming in, but that is a ways off yet.

You know it's bad when gummit is talking layoffs too, and the state is looking at 10-15% cuts in every department. Hard to achieve that without cutting jobs.


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Sold all of them a couple of years ago, when I was almost killed in a motorcycle crash in order to keep the house and cars. I've got little to fall back on now, it wiped out my life savings as well. Hopefully the Obamanation will up the social programs time limits as for the first time in my life I am applying for unemployment.

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Apologies if this is old news, but I've been dealing with this too.

The most important thing is to change your perspective on money. Focus on the distinction between "need" and "want". You have to prioritize - take care of food, shelter, utilities first, and in that order. Pay minimums on everything else you can.

Cut the cord off the TV. Finding a job is your full-time job. Don't turn your nose up at any employment, even if it's delivering pizzas or working at a fast-food place. You can still look for the "right" job while you're cashing a paycheck.

Talk to people at your church, and if you don't have a church it's a good time to visit one. It's one of the best places to network, in addition to the spiritual support.

Remember it's the economy that's a problem, not you. That's a tough point to maintain, but it's the only way to think.

Hope this helps. I learned it the hard way.

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With your CAD background, you need to learn SoildWorks.....It's an Easy transition from AutoCAD to Solidworks.....Lot's of employers looking for a good CAD guy but you must be versed in Solidworks......Good Luck!

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Go to school. See if NW Tech down in Rock Spring offers a Solidworks class. I was laid off in 1999 and got a 2 year computer science degree there. I did not pay for a thing including food using the system as it was meant to be used. Might consider going into the health field with all of the baby boomers getting old?
Don't worry about figuring it all out they have staff there to help with everything including Pell Grants and Hope Scholarships.
I'm in IT at Unum and things seem pretty stable here but they are not hiring. just longer hours for the people who are here.

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