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Picked up this No5 Jungle Carbine from a gunshow for $125.

All matches, bore is excellent after a little cleanup. Bayo lug and flash hider are ground off, as is the rear battle peep sight for some reason. I actualy really like the way it looks.

Something is up with the trigger, it has less than a 1lb pull, and the rubber pad needs to be replaced. Shoots good too, not sure on accuracy yet.

So what can you guys tell me about this rifle? I am thinking about a re-blue, and fixing the wrong things minus the flash hider and lug. Probably will just leave the rear sight as is until I feel like buying a new one.

Side of the receiver reads:

8/44 A5***

What can you guys tell me about it? Good deal? Would a re-blue be a sin? Looks like the stock may have been refinished as some of the stamps a faint, but very far from anything serious, hardly if any wood removed, and no sanding marks where the would be.

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Thats a nice looking No. 5...............

I would say no to the re-blue. Most here would prefer everything to remain as original as possible. The sight can be replaced as can the butt pad. Springfield Sporters has all that stuff. I am not sure how the flash hider is attached but I have seen the entire assembly ( hider and bayo. lug ) for sale. Don't know why anyone would have removed it or the sight. All in all it's a nice looking JC, well worth putting back original......

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I'll bet the battle peep broke off and then ground down to clean it up...but thats just speculation.

Nice rifle.
Personally , I wouldn't "refinish" it at all . I'd also just leave whats left of the flash hider as is ( looks good) unless a real No5 f 'hider can be found.
After market f ' hiders are Ok but not the same .
Rearsights are fairly common and easy to install.
....just clean'er good and heat'er up...have fun

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gunshow #5

Heck of a deal you got on that #5, no to the re-blue, as mentioned,
black sunkorite paint, replace rear peep, and bayo lug-sight assy.
the bayo lug, front sight, flash hider is all one piece held in place by ( 2 )
taperd pins, 1 from each side. tap them out with a small pin punch.
the lug assy. should come off with little effort, maybe a slight tap here and there.
are there any import marks on it. putting back to original will increase it's value
considerably. good luck, take your time, you have a good deal there.
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