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Just got back from the range..........

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..............with the Marlin/Glenfield rebuild #3. It's for a friend's son's 13th birthday. The little rifle need a crap-load of TLC when I got it! The stock needed refinishing (see pic below for reason), the bore looked like a sewer pipe and there was rust starting on most of the metal. I sanded the stock down and free-floated the barrel, then rebarreled the receiver. I derusted the metal and internal parts with Evapo-Rust. Reblued the receiver and barrel (left the bolt in the white), stained the wood and finished with three coats of spray-on satin spar urethane. I also "bedded" the action with a couple of spots of bedding compound. It shoots REALLY well, too! I think he'll like it. What do you think?



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You did an awesome job there. If the intended recipient is new to shooting I suggest ditching the scope so he can master the use of iron sights first, just my 2 cents. My dad (old Marine) who taught me to shoot never put scope on any rifle we had.
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