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Just bought my first Enfield - 1942 Long Branch

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I'm a Finn Mosin collector and haven't had the opportunity to play with an Enfield until a few months ago I got to shoot one... I enjoyed it but I hadn't really considered buying one until I went into a new gun store today and looked at their over-priced milsurps. The owner showed me a plain-Jane Swedish Mauser on consignment for $1900!!! lol

So I mention that I like old military rifles and he says "hey I have an old Enfield in back, I'm asking $125 for it." so he went to get it. Here are the pics:

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Well, it looks like you did AOK, FB.

I suffered the same lapse of sanity a few weeks ago, and bought my first LE. I knew this to be a crazy move...

... it only took me a week to have a second one.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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