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Nope. My purpose is to simply address and spotlight the hypocrisy and abuses of Carcano, the German Muslim with the degree in Islamic Studies who habitually denigrates Americans and the monkey of the same fur on his shoulder, Calgacus. This "Islamic Duo" have their drive by anti-American act down.

So, I call attention to what and who they are so that if they aren't ashamed of themselves, at least we can be disgusted by them together. It's been going on a long time and it hasn't been addressed. Here is the Islamic Duo at work on the Enfield forum:

Notice how Calgacus is as scatterbrained and bombastic there as here. Any chance to ridicule Americans. Should I ignore these two assclowns? Sure. But obviously ignoring them is encouraging. BTW, "Calgacus" is a notorious renominated internet troll from another forum ;)

The big question is why are these two nutters on an American forum doing their act? Probably the same reason Carcano studies Islam, wastes time writing long criticisms of simplistic gun books on Amazon that I outgrew in junior high, etc. It's a stage to stand out and strut about upon.
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