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Is $250 a goood price for a perfect condition enfeild jungle carbine??? anyone??

EDIT!!! It is a C.A.I import they wouldnt be selling knockoffs would they im pretty sure its genuine and i have the price knocked down to $175
should i jump on it fast? or what? i need the money, though i am a collector amerature myself can i make a good bit of money off of this?
its date is 8/45

The 8/45 date is in the correct period for a No5; it it marked as a No5?

The simplest way to check is to examine the receiver under the rear sight for the lightening cuts as shown in Krinko's and RH777's postings. No4s have been "converted" by shortening barrels and reworking the wood, but I've never seen (nor heard of) such a conversion where the receiver and/or barrel shank were touched.

If it's a genuine No5, $250 is a good price for a solid well-used example. For a "perfect condition" example it is a VERY good price. CAI has imported quite a few No5s over the years, so their import mark is no immediate grounds for concern. If it's their recent dot-matrix "billboard" marking on the receiver I would give the rifle a bit more scrutiny, as there just aren't that many No5s in good condition left to be imported, but the older stamping on the barrel by the muzzle would not be surprising.
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