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I have always laughed at the German assassination plots. They seemed to have wanted to escape totally undetected and forgot the main objective
of killing Hitler. They may have good chemists, engineers and other scientists but they do not seem to have the stomach for dealing with a treacherous leader. Like you say a simple ice pick will work when used with determination.

Also they should have used more Explosive, irrespective of where they were having the meeting...and also, despite the close scrutiny of all the Participants by the SS prior to entry, a Pistol or a Grenade could have been brought in for a "Final Solution"

For such a meticulous People, the Germans were particularly inept in their Assassination attempts. A good old "Suicide Bomber'' would have resolved their problems, even in the Late 1930s.

Doc AV
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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