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They may have good chemists, engineers and other scientists but they do not seem to have the stomach for dealing with a treacherous leader.
Yep, it was too bad that all the German sociopaths were in Hitler's camp. ;)

I found myself (like others apparently) completely baffled when reading about all the various plots. It did indeed seem like providence was protecting Hitler, until you recognize that the attempts were often almost comedic. Every attempt was undermined by fear. No one, wanted to be caught in proximity to Hitler's death. The plotters' logic just broke down. They knew if they failed they'd all die, but they weren't willing to really lay their life on the line to succeed either.

It takes a bunch of nerve for a sane man to "just do it" an draw blood in an assassination even when it comes to someone like Hitler. Ole John Wilkes Booth took years (and apparently about a dozen drinks over the course of a day) to get up the nerve to put the derringer to Lincoln's head.
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