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Yo Gents,

Thanks to the excellent input from all of you here at Gunboards, Dr. Dieter Storz, the author of this fine work along with Herr Stefan Rest of Verlag Militaria, the publisher of this fine book in both German and English, have asked for our help in ensuring that the 2nd Edition of the English translation is free of grammatical and translation errors.

This "stickied" thread will be permanently available as a repository for corrections that any of us encounter while studying the text or casually reading this fascinating work!

I will catalogue all of the notations along with the name of the person who posts them, after which they will be systematically forwarded to Dr. Storz and Herr Rest. The information will ensure that the next English edition is as clean and correct as possible.

In addition, if anyone has any unusual items or information that might be of interest or which sheds additional light on the subject matter that is covered in the book, please feel free to post that info here as well. I cannot guarantee inclusion of such information in any future editions of this work, however having gotten to know Dr. Storz over the past year, I can assure you he is an open minded student of historical firearms who shares our interest in expanding our knowledge of the German Gew 98 and Kar 98a!

I assured Dieter and Stefan that this is just the unruly crowd to enlist in such a task. Thank you one and all for your help with this worthwhile project!

Warmest regards,

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German to English: I wonder who might be able to help........

Gosh! This project looks to be right up my alley, so to speak.....what do they want precisely? Those few pages translated? That doesn't seem like much to do.


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I'm not really sure these fit in your request ...

1. Pg. 94, stock finish. Notes train oil replaced linseed oil varnish (footnote #60)

I asked the question on the Mauser forum (a couple of versions ago) - what is train oil? IIRC, train oil = fish oil = cod liver oil. (I have the thread on my pc - at work)

He might want to define/explain linseed oil varnish & train oil

2. Maybe I can't find it stated in his book (and maybe I'm wrong) but a crown next to the caliber on the barrel ring = counterbored barrel?

Great book, I wish all the milsurp reference works were this well done.
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