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Book Review – M 98 Rifle & Carbine – By Dieter Storz 3-15-07

WOW!!!………….WOW!!!!…………I’m speechless! (Talk to anyone who knows this Son of Erin, molester of the “Blarney Stone” and they will tell you that’s impossible?)

Having known Herr Storz by reputation through my other museum curator and collecting friends all across Europe, then coming to know him as Dieter, while seeking his help in the authentication of an unrelated but extremely rare rifle from my collection, I came to understand in the spring of last year that Herr Storz was working on a new book about the Imperial German Mausers. Better still, Dieter informed me that the book was to be published in English as well as in his native German. Excellent I replied! There is always room for the addition of another excellent work for my research library. After all, in Firearms Collecting, knowledge is power!

Dieter and his publisher, Stephen Rest, were kind enough to send me a copy to review for both GUNS Magazine as well as I expected a nice companion to Olsen, a source that would present more detail than has been possible in Bob Ball’s encyclopedic work on “Military Mauser Rifles of the World”. The package arrived and I eagerly opened the parcel……WOW!!! In no way was I prepared for what I received!

Not only is this the finest, most detailed treatise I have ever read on the German Imperial Mausers, the Gewehr 98 and it all purpose little brother, the Kar 98a, this is the most beautiful firearms book I have ever owned. I spent the entire first day after I received the book riveted to the massive volume, scanning one amazing photograph after another, with audible gasps and coos of approval as I scanned each additional rare rifle or period photograph.

I have written a page or two and shot a few photos in my time and I still marvel at the effort that went into the studio quality photography that exists on nearly every page throughout the book. Then there are the magnificent period photographs, the majority of which have never been published. Hundreds of hours had to be spent to wade through the archives across Europe to find this many amazing photographs, each of which supports the text covering the subject in question in that section of the 457 page work.

Moving on to the text, the real meat of the effort, I was never let down in my heightened level of expectation that became automatic upon seeing how well the book had been laid out and illustrated. Let me say that with over 30 years of collecting WWI firearms and militaria under my belt, I have learned something new in literally each section of this entire book! Considering the fact that I have just about anything ever published by anyone on the Gew 98 and Kar 98a, the depth of detail combined with the excellent translation make this, without question, the “Bible” for German Imperial Mausers.

This excellent book is a MUST HAVE for any serious collector, historian or firearms enthusiast who wishes to have detailed, clearly presented and photographed information covering the development, battlefield use and variations of the finest bolt-action military rifle ever produced!

John P. Sheehan

Available in English and German from:

Stefan Rest

Verlag Militaria
Ramperstorffergasse 2
A-1050 Wien
Tel: +43/(0)664/451 67 57
Fax: +43/(0)1/545 78 93
[email protected]
Internet: <>

Here is a photo of the German language version book cover. The book is available in both German or English language versions.
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