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New to the board. I have a question about my JP Sauer & Sohn 1913, 7.65. The serial number is 6640. The numbers match on all of the parts so everything is original. I believe this serial number makes it a Variant 1/Variant 2 "hybrid". An article I read said serial numbers 1 to 5000 were Variant 1. Then they had a batch approximately 5000 to 8000 that had some features of a Variant 1 and some features of a Variant 2, making them "hybrids" of sorts. Then, starting around 8000 was the beginning of the true Variant 2 model.

It was extremely dirty when I received it so I cleaned and oiled it. Now it operates very nicely except one problem. The slide lock will not hold the slide open. It will catch, and maybe stay open a few seconds, then it loses its grip and slams shut. The hook on the lever looks whole and sharp. The notch in the slide seems whole and the edge is clean. I cannot figure out why it will not hold open. This poses quite a problem when trying to disassemble it. I looked at an exploded parts diagram and there doesn't seem to be any type of spring attached to the slide lock mechanism that could be broken or worn out. Any thoughts, suggestions, or prior experience with a problem like this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Other than this issue there seems to be nothing mechanically wrong with this gun. Some one along the way lost the screw in the right side grip and super glued it to the frame. I will probably replace that soon.


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