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I'd like to see a list of names of the "smear(ed) innocents" please.

Also i'd appreciate the citing of which page and paragraph of the congressional record for it's "historical documentation" of these matters, please.

Dave D., you've obviously been influenced by the distorted histories written by leftist historians relying on then current left-wing press accounts regarding Senator McCarthy. Read Ann's book then get back to me.

Hey guys, i don't want to fight, i just want the true record set straight about a great American hero.

John Henry Faulk made a career out of his blacklisting and turned the anger and rage of those years into involvement with causes which espoused liberty for all instead of the fear-mongering espoused by the right wing. I recall that the late University of Utah political science professor J.D. Williams had classes watch the McCarthy hearings and thereby increased both the Democratic Party and the ACLU in Utah.
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