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Posted - 06/23/2007 : 06:28:10 AM (Thread edited by BradB when pasted to new boards).
With an eye on history, General MacArthur had the "Reports of General MacArthur" prepared by his General Staff begining in 1943 (by his G3) and completed after the war by his G2. The purpose was, in Mac's words, "to serve as a background for, and introduction to the detailed operational histories of the various tactical commands involved". They were orginally printed in his Toyko HQs in 1950. They were reprinted by the Chief of Military History in 1994 to commemorate the 50 anniversary of WWII. The reports comprise four books:

Volume I: The Campaigns of MacArthur in the Pacific.

Volume I, Supplement: MacArthur in Japan. The Occupation: Military Phase.

Volume II, Part I: Japanese Operations in the Southwest Pacific Area.

Volume II, Part II: Japanese Operations in the Southwest Pacific Area.

Shortly after these were printed MacArthur became involved with Korea and all that followed, which is why I believe these are largely forgotten.

I was recently thumbing through the "Reports of General MacArthur The Occupation: Military Phase, Volume I: Supplement" (Ok, I am a WWII geek). It is a fairly detailed account of the disarmament and demobilization of the Japanese Military. In the section on War Trophies it notes:

"War Department Cirs No. 155 and 267 (1945) authorized the issue of souvenirs to military and naval personnel who served in the SWPA during WWII. On the basis of these circulars, each officer and enlisted man received one of the following articles: rifle, carbine, saber, bayonet, pistol, or pair of binoculars. Responsibility for the collection of these items rested with corps commanders, who issued instructions for their distribution to field units under their respective commands. The War Trophy Depot, located in Yokohama, issued trophies to officers and men who were on orders to return to the US. A central issuing agency for fleet units within the Eighth Army area was established at Yokosuka Naval Base for distribution to naval personnel at sea"

An extract from "GHQ Supreme Commander Allied Forces (SCAP), Progress of Demob of the Japanese Armed Forces, dated 21 July 1948", listed the following:

Rifles & Carbines: Quantity captured & surrendered: 2,468,665. Disposed of Trophy, Museum, Technical use: 1,226,146.
Destroyed: 1,242,519. Returned to Japanese: None.

Bayonets: Quantity captured & surrendered: 1,568,254. Disposed of Trophy, Museum, Technical use: 713,832.
Destroyed: 854,422. Returned to Japanese: None.

Pistols & Revolvers: Quantity captured & surrendered: 81,061. Disposed of Trophy, Museum, Technical use: 62,760.
Destroyed: 9,559. Returned to Japanese: 8,742 (for use of civil police).

Swords & Sabers: Quantity captured & surrendered: 661,621. Disposed of Trophy, Museum, Technical use: 372,609.
Destroyed: 289,012. Returned to Japanese: None.

Automatic Weapons: Quantity captured & surrendered: 186,680. Disposed of Trophy, Museum, Technical use: 3,203.
Destroyed: 183,377. Returned to Japanese: None.

Since this report does not contain the raw data, I suspect that these numbers do not include battlefield pick-ups earlier in the war. However, given that a lot of the report touched on the demob of Japanese units overseas (and bringing them back to Japan, Customs Inspections, etc.) is may include numbers from other than the home islands, I do not know.

The books can be found online at: Reports/MacArthurR.htm

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Very interesting. My Grandad stood guard at the back entrance of his headquarters after the surrender. The selection was made by picking the soldiers that where the same height and were older and not screw ups. It took less than two weeks to get a regular unit to take over. My poor little old Grandad LOL, he just got back from a 4000 plus mile trip to DC and then up the coast to New York and then Maine. This was not a church bus trip, but a driving tour of just him and his Wife. He likes to drive, and he can out work me.

Anyway, he got to see the General several times.

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