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Been looking for one for a while so I picked up this Type I at the Silverado Gunshow at the Howard County Fairgrounds today. It looked like it was a little rough when I bought it but I managed to clean it up a bit, theres a little pitting here and there but nothing too bad. The bores got some crud in it but it looks like it'll clean up and look fine. The stock looks good and has no issues or cracks. I haven't shot it yet due to bad weather today but most likely will tomorrow. I might have paid too much for it at $250 but I'm happy with it and I hardly ever see them around where I live

I did some research but only found limited information and I have a few questions about it. Is there anyway that I can tell what year it was made and who the manufacturer was? How many of these rifles were made and were they made specifically for the Japanese Navy or any other branches? And finally did these rifles see any significant action anywhere? Thanks for any and all information


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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