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Thanks a lot I appreciate your help. He says he got it from this guy who was wearing this chute. Who knows. It was complete confusion the night when he got the rifle. Two of the planes heading for the air field where not coming back. They where suppose to land and everyone was suppose to exit the plane and destroy the air field. I find it strange that they would issue a t-30 with such a low serial number. Or that the rifle would even be around anymore. unless they were really desperate. Its in such good shape though. We shot it this weekend.
it sounds like a true operation I read from a pacific war book... it was one of the suicide squads sent in multiple planes to land in the phillipines on an american recently captured airfield, they were supposed to land and destroy american airplanes, cause havoc, until they were killed.

its possible the pilot hopped out and was shot immediately, hence no time to take off the chute? i imagine they would give a rifle to the pilot in this situation.
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