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Call me crazy but I have my reservations regarding the pilots on what was considered a suicide mission, having parachutes. Not on account of it it being suicide, I think kamikaze pilots often had parachutes but dont know for sure. But seriously what is the pilot going to do if the plane is hit...walk past all the chute-less passengers on his way to bail out. Now you can call me a pessimist, i just think this was a greatly elaborated story created to generate excitement for the folks back home about some random equipment. Telling them he found these things in a pile somewhere, or a warehouse or traded for booze or won in a card game doesnt have the same heroic overtone. people tell crazy stories then as they do today. My grandfather told some real whoppers. Believeable and amazing when youre young and/or naieve about the military or history. But quite rediculous when viewed from a different standpoint.
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