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Regardless of bubba's fine paint job (what was he thinking...) it looks line a great find. Congrats.
I don't know what Bubba was thinking either; but rarely does somebody sell a god Jinsen bayonet for much less than $150 any more.

I found two more Japanese bayonets on eBay the other day. One is a Howa (converted to a fighting knife) and the other possibly a Kokura. $35 for both of them. No scabbards and no grips either. IMA has British 1907 grips that look like they can be fitted to a Japanese bayonet and the holes are pretty close too. Less than $10 per set with the screws and nuts! If not, I'll just use them on the right bayonet projects.

Somebody in Poland is cranking out repro grips for all kinds of bayonets these days...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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