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Neat item. I have one just like it that I bought from Mike Hewitt. Mine is pictured in his book "Uniforms And Equipment Of The Imperial Japanese Army In World War II"
Way back when, we had a thread on these and someone had the complete deal with the carrying case and colored lenses as well as a container for spare candles.

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I sold my old signal lantern at an auction here in Australia and it more than paid for the upgrade I got in the mail this week.

It is dated 1941 and is complete with case, two tins for candle, lens tin with two each of clear, red and green lenses, and combination spanner/wax scraper.

There is though one large internal cradle for some item, could this be for a spare candle shaft? Another very small internal restraint just below the top of the case must have must held something but not sure what.

Waste container Lid Beige
Leather Cap
Helmet Bag Leather Metal
Circle Cosmetics Metal
Auto part
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