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Japanese 1894 Winchester

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I just found out about these. So the '94 is back, made in Japan by Moroku? Apparently the price is way up there, too. What are people saying about these?
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I'm a bit out of my league in this discussion. I was unaware that the current crop of Models 94 from FN/WInchester were Japanese.
For whatever it is worth, I have 2 Models 1886 which perhaps are of Japanese manufacture. One is a Browning carbine and the other is a Winchester Extra Lightweight Rifle, both in 45-70. They both seem quite well made. The Browning is just a bit more glossy blue than I would prefer, but the Winchester finish is quite nice. I also have a couple of original Winchester Extra Lightweight rifles (.33 Win chambering) from which to compare my recent vintage models. Well, for me there is no comparison. But standing on their own merits, the recent ones are both nice rifles. My investments were about $600 - Browning and $800 Winchester, in boxes/as new. Both acquired respectively a few years after they were no longer available new.
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Please pardon this detour to respond to mauser9. The lament of US jobs migrating offshore might equally be construed as a lament that American workers ‘are making too much money’. Want to recapture Winchester work from Japan? Two alternatives: Persuade the American worker to take about a 40% combined wage/benefits cut and we can retrieve the production. OR Persuade American consumers to pay a comparable premium for the same quality goods and avert those domestic W/B cuts. And here we are, collectively (I included) opining that the current Winchester 94 offerings are presently too expensive!!! Factually it does seem true irony that an iconic element of our American history and heritage is being produced in Japan. That said, the global economy is a given fact. America needs to meticulously pick its battles and remain highly flexible in adapting to markets. That is how our work force will prevail. Calculated losses are the unfortunate price of good economic strategy as are some battle losses the necessary price of winning most wars.
Excuse the potentially off subject content, but the implication necessarily includes firearm manufacture!
My take.
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