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Come across this Japanese Web page on another forum and thought you fellas here might like it to see and compare IJA/IJN field gear and equipment.

Wish i could read Japanese because this site is huge (nested pages) and filled with some Mouth watering beauties!!
It's got everything, uniforms, headgear, optics, ammo, rifles. machine guns, swords etc etc etc.
Make sure you got some time to spare because each page is filled with goodies in no particular order from what i can see.

Here's a breakdown of the site, as best as i could make out.

main homepage (Japanese) http:
main homepage (English) in Hiroshima newpage12.html
bio of Doctor shiyoui no riyakureki(English).html
homepage with links
1st Link medical unit & Army Hospital
2nd Link Army Barracks
Link with 2 flags[email protected]
This takes you to the 'Store/Museum' (Lots of pages) link to next page is at bottom
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