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Thanks Russ,
I can't take much credit, my printer guy is a good one. He is only 5 miles away, so I can keep tabs on what is going on.

He's working on more "Italy at War" and "Type 99 Arisaka" books now. All we have to is find the $$ to pay him!;)

All but two of the "Japan at War" sets have shipped, waiting on payment for those last two. Mailed the last ones Monday, so all the US guys should have theirs now, or tomorrow.
Overseas will take longer to get there.

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Got my PAID FOR copy today! It looks fantastic. Thank you Russ, Gunnar and Don.

It's so good I almost had to start "Holy Crap III - a thread dedicated to the praise and adoration of Japan At War"

(and thanks Adogs - I assume you must have done something to help because of your FREE copy ;)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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