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I picked up this old horse at a gun show and can't seem to find out much about it. Hopefully somebody here can help a bit. I have done the usual searches here and out on the web, but not much luck.
I have found that J. Wurfflein and F. Psotta worked together for a short period, apparently during the early 1860s.

The musket I have is similar to the "parlor" rifle, but does not have the fancy trigger guard typical of that model. The rifle has a round, not hex 41 9/16" barrel. The half stock has checkering at the wrist. Single trigger percussion. No serial number. The sear and trigger are stamped with a "2", the tang is stamped "22"
The only markings are on the lock and the top of the barrel: "J Wurfflein & Psotta Philada"
The ram rod is all wood but may be a replacement.
Pictures here

Thanks for any insight.

Best Tom
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