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For a long time due to a serious issue with a Jungle Carbine I had nothing to do with SOG. However with the supply of the nice ones drying up and everyone talking how great these are I ordered one for the wife as a handgun for her CHL and to check off the last item on her Christmas list. I am not a big fan of the host of Eastern European pocket service pistols that have flooded in over the years but out of the box I was impressed. Yes it had some holster wear on the sharp edges on the front of the slide and the rear sight assembly but the most impressive thing was it's slick handling charachteristics and size. I have very small hands for a guy my size but this pistol feels and handles great and has the either side slide and mag release. If I could post a pic I would. Brand new magazines and holster for what it is worth. If you do SOG definitely get the 10.00 hand select as it really is an issue with them.
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