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Does anyone know for sure what is the proper bayonet for an Italian 1870/87/15 Vetterli rifle? These are the Vetterli rifles converted to shot 6.5 Carcano during WWI.
I've heard conflicting stories as to which bayonet is correct for this conversion rifle for the WWI time frame. Several sources say the MODEL 1871/87/1916 bayonets are correct and that they were converted for these rifles during WWI. I've read these are the original long 1871 Vetterli bayonets cut down to around a 9" blade and also having their quillons removed. But then some sources say that they were cut down for the Spanish Civil War in the 1930's.
Does anyone know for sure? I'm assuming an unaltered 1870 long bayonet as well as a shortened 1871/87/1916 will both fit on the bayonet lug of these rifles?
Thanks for any feedback.
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