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Posted - 01/01/2004 : 11:36:30 AM
I found the following gem in the Italian-language newsgroup it.hobby.armi. The author is our esteemable Franz (whose absence these days in this board I deplore; I wish we could read him more often), and it was posted on the 31st December 2003:

Io considero il 91 come una sorta di ak47 ante litteram! :)

Best regards, e i miei migliori auguri per il 2004,

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Posted - 01/02/2004 : 2:51:36 PM
Dear Alexander,
many thanks for your words
"Io considero il 91 come un AK47 ante litteram" it's hard to translate.....
"I consider 91 rifle like an ak47 ahead of its time" could give a right sense.
About this thought there is my own conviction about this rifle: rugged, reliable and "stupid-proof".
Ciao, Francesco

Posted - 01/03/2004 : 1:53:26 PM
I wish my command of Italian were better, so that I could properly contribute to it.hobby.armi :-(. This newsgroup's permitted language is Italian-only, ma non voglio fare brutta figura...
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