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Israeli Trainer on GB

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Did you guys see this rifle ? I've never seen pics of
this one before. Was hoping it would stay in my range,
but it did not surprise me when it jumped over $1K.

Cool rifle -- Anyone here have any info on this one ?


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Mine (an FN-built .22) looks like the regular issue-grade K98, except for the inch-high '0.22' engraved in the R/H buttstock. A little more hangar-rash than Raul's, but the same marking over the chamber. It's a single-shot single-loader with a feed trough leading into the chamber to help thumbing the round home. No fancy sights, just the issue configuration, with a hood on the front, but from a rest it groups well with anything I feed it. I'm happy it's not finicky and likes the bulk cheapies. I can take it and an Enfield .22 to the range and it's Axis & Allies for about a buck a box.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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