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Israeli Trainer on GB

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Did you guys see this rifle ? I've never seen pics of
this one before. Was hoping it would stay in my range,
but it did not surprise me when it jumped over $1K.

Cool rifle -- Anyone here have any info on this one ?


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IMO this Gunbroker trainer was remanufactured in Israel, from K98 FN rifles originally in 7.92x57, using Remington barrels-The ones manufactured by FN for Israel ,South Africa and the Belgian Navy (mstamped ABL 1952)were .22 since origin and there are no outside differences between the full caliber one and the 22 trainer, the one pictured at gunbroker has a peep sight and a ft sight wich the K98'snever had=Pics below of the Israeli trainer made by FN-The batch was 0f 1000 untis for the IDF

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This is the K98 Trainer made by FN for the Belgian Navy, stamped ABL1952, same lines as in the israeli
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Yeah, I bought three in France a decade ago, still have the three of them-
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